Interesting Facts About Gold

According to the periodic table, au is the name of the element of gold. Gold is the only naturally occurring yellow metal, yet there’s still a lot to learn about this precious metal. Gold Facts   The only metals that can be described as yellow or “golden” is gold. It is possible for other metals […]

Uses For Gold

1) Wealth Protection And A Financial Exchange For centuries, gold has been used in the production of currency and other financial instruments. Gold is utilized as a tangible store of value by governments, central banks, financial organizations, and private investors. As a result of the metal’s rarity, it has maintained its worth over the centuries. […]


The History Of Gold

Gold was discovered in the form of shining, yellow nuggets for the first time. “Gold is found where it is sought after,” as the saying goes, & gold was found in its natural state in streams over the world when it was first discovered. It is without a doubt the first metal that early hominids […]