A Proven Track Record Of Retaining Its Value

Unlike paper money, coins, and other property, gold has retained its worth over time.

Gold is seen as a way for people to carry on and protect their wealth from generation to generation.

People have admired the precious metal’s remarkable characteristics since antiquity.

Gold is simple to work with & stamp as a coin because it doesn’t corrode &  can be heated over a regular flame.

Furthermore, unlike other elements, gold has a distinct and lovely color. Because gold atoms are heavier and electrons move quicker, some light is absorbed, a process that required Einstein’s law of gravity to understand.

Hedge Against Inflation

Because gold’s price tends to increase when the living cost rises, it has traditionally been a good inflation hedge.

Gold prices have skyrocketed throughout periods of severe inflation in the last fifty years, while the stock market had plunged.

Because gold is valued in those currency unit when fiat currency lost its purchasing power due to inflation, it tends to climb in tandem with everything else.

Furthermore, because gold is seen as an excellent store of value, people may be enticed to purchase it if they perceive their local currency is loosing money.